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What Should You Do if Water is Leaking In Your Basement?

Whether a massive storm caused flooding or you have a broken pipe that is leaking, there are many different ways that water can get into your basement. If you are unsure where the water is coming from it is best to have a professional leak detection specialist take a look at the situation before you take any further action.

If you are in need of a basement leak repair service in Columbus, OH, give 614-Plumber a call today at (614) 467-8565.

24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Services

Basement leaks can happen in a moment, but cause enormous damage if not dealt with properly right away. At 614-Plumber we offer 24-7 emergency plumbing services because we know that leaks happen when you least expect it and that they need immediate attention.

Steps You Can Take To Make The Leak Repair Process As Smooth As Possible:

  • Safely Assess the Situation
    If your basement is currently experiencing a leak or has flooded, it is important to approach the situation in a smart and safe manner. First things first, a wet basement can actually be a safety hazard, so it is best if you can keep from standing into the water. Handling electronics or electrical wiring while you’re in the water can cause electrocution, so remember to wear rubber boots if you have to go into the basement for any reason.

  • Pump Out Any Standing Water
    If you have a wet-dry vacuum you can get rid of any partial flooding – do NOT attempt to use a regular vacuum. For those who do not have a wet-dry vacuum and in many severe flooding situations, you will need to call a plumber to pump the water out as soon as possible.

  • Get Rid of Anything That Might Attract Mold
    Some items such as wood, leather, fabric, and paper can attract mold if they stay wet longer than a day or so. Dry out what you can and throw away anything that is beyond repair.

  • Control Any Water Flow Outside of Your House
    Check your downspouts and gutters to make sure that they are aimed away from the foundation of your home. Roof runoff can build up and cause hydrostatic pressure that can eventually damage the foundation. By removing any clogs in your gutters, fixing overflow problems, and adding downspout extensions, you can help prevent further damage.

Call Our Columbus Basement Leak Repair Specialists Today

Perhaps your basement has not had a leak, but you are concerned that there may be a problem. Call our basement leak repair team in Columbus, OH so that we can come diagnose the situation before it gets worse. We can also help you with preventative measures such as replacing old water heaters, installing a new sump pump system, and repiping if necessary. We provide outstanding work at affordable prices, always meeting or beating our competitors’ prices too.

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